Budgets and approval flows

Create budgets according to your needs. By departments, teams, projects or whatever your need is


Simple approvals

Roll our an efficient end-to-end expense aproval process in minutes, and take control of your company spend - without the overhead


Define spending limits and issue cards on the fly

Create cards for your team instantly, define usage limits and relax. It's never been easier to comply with your spending policy


Approve card limit changes instantly

If someone needs to spend, they can request it in one click. The budget manager will be able to approve it instantly. A fast approval process that gives you control without locking your team in


Real-time traceability and automatic reconciliation

360-degree view of everything that happens in your company

“People with expenses have access to their own corporate card that I can monitor in real time.”

Coverwind Team

Financial Controller
Renewable Energies

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