Expense management

Expense management and reimbursements

Manage Fuell card expenses and reimbursements paid by employee automatically


Manage any kind of reimbursement

What if I can't pay with my Fuell card? No problem, you can upload expenses made with other cards, personal or corporate cash


Use your Fuell card and automate the process

Paying with the Fuell card is rewarded, we give you 3% of cashback until the subscription is paid


Multilevel approval flows

Centralized control of transactions. Account manager, team leaders and budget owners can review and approve transactions


Automatic field filling

With our advanced OCR technology, you don't need to fill in the transaction data, our software does it automatically

“People with expenses have access to their own corporate card that I can monitor in real time.”

Coverwind Team

Financial Controller
Renewable Energies

Business intelligence that will take you to the next level

Control spending before it happens with Fuell's one-time or recurring spending limits, eliminate spending outside of your spending policy

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The most efficient way to
manage your business expenses