corporate cards

The card that does
the work for you

Issue unlimited physical and virtual Mastercard cards. Say goodbye to expense reports, card sharing, bill boxes and more.


Stop chasing tickets

When you pay with your Fuell Mastercard, you receive a notification that reminds you to take a photo of the ticket, take a photo and that's it. If for any reason you are late, Fuell reminds you


Unlimited virtual cards for all your subscriptions

Increase your security, control and visibility with Fuell's virtual cards


Automatic reconciliation

Fuell is the card issuer and the software at the same time. So you don't have to do the reconciliation


Spending limits and usage control per card

Control spending before it happens with Fuell's one-time or recurring spending limits, eliminate spending outside of your spending policy


Approves card limit changes instantly

If someone needs to spend, they can request it in one click. The budget manager will be able to approve it instantly. A Bizum for business. A fast approval process that gives you control without locking your team in


Add your card to Google Pay

Forget about carrying your card with you, charge it in your cell phone and don't worry about looking for it in your wallet

“People with expenses have access to their own corporate card that I can monitor in real time.”

Coverwind team

Financial Controller
Renewable Energies

In addition:

  • No maintenance fee

  • No card issuance costs

  • No minimum number of cards

  • No exchange rate commissions

  • Sin permanencia

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